Once upon a time, three Bracebarians stood at ease in their local Public House. They partook in a pastime that all three excelled in - talking complete rubbish.

“I know!” said the blonde dwarf, “Let’s inaugurate a championship of sporting events and infuse the villagers with fitness and eternal youth!”

The pot-bellied car dealer deemed this idea “a load of old bunkum” on account of the average age of the villagers being somewhat immense.

The Village Elder, tired from effecting yet another temporary repair to his tractor, took a sip from his pint of beer and, staring at the ceiling said, “This could work, but there must be but two stipulations.”

He went on, “It must be possible for an asthmatic sloth to win every event.....”

“....AND EVERYONE MUST DRINK BEER!” they said together.

And thus, after three “HURRAHS”, The Gentlemen’s Challenge was born.