The Gentlemen’s Challenge has been conceived to engender competition & social banter. This
will be achieved by partaking in a number of “sporting” events! They will take place on a Saturday or Sunday, every 4 to 6 weeks, starting in September 2019 and ending in June 2020.
The date of each event will be disseminated by the 20 th of the preceding month.

Before you baulk at the prospect of using those lungs & muscles for the first time in years, no event will require any level of fitness (well certainly not much)! The events will be promulgated in due course!

Points will be scored as follows:

1st  - 3 points
2nd - 2 points
3rd - 1 points

In addition, 1 point will be awarded for each event attended whether you compete or not, but you must go to the pub for at least one drink!

NB: For ALL your points to count, you must attend at least three of the events. This is purely to prevent anyone (welcome as they are) from attending the one event they “fancy” and taking points away from more committed competitors. Notwithstanding the scoring in previous seasons, you cannot score more points than your finishing position in each event dictates. The rules for each event will be pushed out prior to commencement of that event. The results of each event, together with current standings will be published on 
( ).

With the exception of the greyhound racing, the events themselves are solely for the participation of the registered competitors. Once the event is over, wives / girlfriends are more than welcome to join us at the pub / restaurant for the rest of the evening. At the end of the season there will be an informal dinner (venue to be confirmed), which will include our wives and girlfriends.

Costs will be at the going rate for each activity. There is also a £5 entry fee which covers the cost of the website renewal fees, winner’s trophy engraving and various certificates. The £5 is payable to Pete Milne on, or prior to, the first event of the season. When possible, there will be a stand-alone, Duffin Cup, karting event. It does not accrue points for the Gentlemen’s Challenge and has its own, separate trophy. More details at the time.